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Sulfamic Acid
Chemical used to lower the pH in a Nickel Sulfamate solution, which tends to gradually rise over time, if left alone.

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Flat Panel Display - FPD and Electroforming »
Companies that manufacture Flat Panel TVs have been using Digital Matrix electroforming equipment for years in their production process.
Rotating Cathode Head Design »
Robust design of the rotating cathode head mechanism is critical to achieving precise deposition and to maintaining performance criteria such as thickness uniformity.
Control Systems for Plating Equipment »
Electroplating equipment manufacturers must pay special attention to electrical control systems within the equipment because, gnerally speaking, the plating environment is not friendly to electronics.
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Electroplating Equipment, Electroforming Equipment - Plating Technology

With headquarters in the USA and sales and support offices around the world, Digital Matrix provides plating technologies to a variety of industry sectors requiring manufacturing precision.

NEW! Glossary of Electroplating Terms


Today, Digital Matrix Corp. Electroforming equipment and Electroplating equipment operate in 25 countries in hundreds of installations.

Plating Equipment
Rectifiers - Plating Power SuppliesDigital Matrix Corp. provides highly specialized software and components such as Plating Rectifiers and Plating Filtration Systems.

Digital Matrix Corp. enjoys a reputation for building high quality Electroplating systems with advanced electronics and software.

Plating Control Software

Digital Matrix Corp. offers specialized process support for application specific electroplating. This includes Alloy plating such as Nickel-Phosphorus and Nickel-Cobalt.

Digital Matrix Cutting Edge Technologies
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